My Very Own Burning Bush!

I’d always held a strange fascination for what happened to Moses with that whole burning bush thing. After all, here he was confronted with a bush that was ablaze and yet not being consumed. Not only that but it was speaking to him. Now, that’s GOT to get a guys attention, right?

One day, in 2008, I spoke to the Lord in prayer, “Lord, I want my own burning bush, please. Ok?” I just really wanted my very own burning bush. I just thought that would be so cool, ya know? So I prayed, and waited.

At that time I was attending Rock Point Church in Gilbert, AZ. And since I was going through such rough times: my husband being gone and out of state, living with a family friend and her daughter in their home, and on top of that…my own daughter had moved in with a friend closer to her work, so I rarely got to see her. And I needed her so badly. But I understood her need. And snuggled deeper into the embrace of my Lord.

Eventually, as time passed, I would come to lose everyone that was close to me in my life. God, piece by piece, was stripping everyone away from me, so that the only one I could run to, call out to, get help from and be secure in was…….Him. He knew what He was doing. But until I could ditch the anger and frustration, He would continue. It wasn’t pretty.

But, I digress. On what little money I had, I bought another book from the churches bookstore every single Sunday. Between the Bible and my newest addition to my growing library….I high-lighted my way back to spiritual and emotional well-being. But, the money was running out, I had less than $150 dollars to my name and that was it! I finally got to a point where I determined that I would not be able to buy a book next Sunday at church. So, you guessed it, in my distress I cried out to the Lord.

It was a few days later, and we’d just had a bit of a dust storm roll through. Glancing out back I noticed a bunch of trash that had blown into our yard. I didn’t have anything else to do at the moment, so grabbed a small trash bag and wandered out back to clean up the mess. There was an old McDonalds sack, a somewhat weather-worn piece of errant mail, another piece of paper or two, and I was done. Well, that wasn’t so much, but I was bored and it was something to do. As I turned to go back into the house, I noticed a small, white bit of paper about the size of a business card, it was stuck in a bush, actually a tumbleweed that had taken up residence along the side of the house. I thought, eh…just leave it, it’s small, not bothering anybody. I’ll get it later.

No. Something tugged at me to go get it….now. While I was out there, cleaning up. Just do it. Fine. Whatever.

So I wandered over and plucked the card from the entanglement of the bush. Turning it over, I read it:

Good for $2.00 off your next purchase. Rock Point Church Bookstore. No expiration date.

My jaw dropped open. I stared at that card. And the tumbleweed. I finally got it! My very own burning bush! No, it didn’t talk to me…..but in a way it did. The memory still brings tears of joy to my eyes. Again, my God condescended to reach out to me, and provide for His child.

Think about the orchestration behind this event. A card. From my church. Getting caught in the wind. Blowing just right on the gusts, and wafting about in the breeze so as to end up stuck in that bush in my backyard after I had complained to the Lord, or was it still whining….that I couldn’t buy a book that weekend. Had it been the wind alone? Or had an angel been tasked with placing it there?

Well, I bought a book that weekend. Compliments of Jesus and my very own burning bush.

Thank you, Lord.

Yes Lord.

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One Response to My Very Own Burning Bush!

  1. Suzy says:

    Barbi, thank you so much for sharing all your thoughts and experiences!

    It is such an encouragement to be reminded that, one way or the other; we are all in the same boat!

    And that our dear, sweet Jesus, is our Captain—all along!

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