Life in a Far Country…

Notes from a far country…the life of a Prodigal Mate. “When the prodigal was married, he and his spouse became one flesh. Separation and divorce is a futile attempt to divide that one flesh back into two separate people and our God says that doesn’t work.”

“The prodigals’ attempt to divorce a spouse is an attempt to remove part of his own flesh. The results can’t be successful because it’s contrary to God’s perfect plan for His children.”

“The solution will never be found except through Jesus Christ, the prodigal explores new directions looking for that which will bring meaning back to his now meaningless life.”

“Regardless of the circumstances involved, the spouse that can continue to exhibit unconditional love for the prodigal is one up on satan and winning the battle.”

“Unconditional love allows us to exhibit one of the ways of God HImself, in that we can hate the sin but continue to love the sinner.”

“No marriage or family situation is too complicated or too messy for Jesus Christ to straighten out and clean up.”

“Our Creator knows that as human beings living in a sinful world, we often fail Him. He is ready to forgive us and rescue us and our marriages from satan. Reconstruction of a marriage after a divorce has been granted is not uncommon unless we’re listeining to satan’s crowd. There is a reason that the Lord has you exactly where you [both] are right now.”

“No matter how low the prodigal has sunk, his homecoming is still possible to the glory of God.”

“At some time you will feel the need to share with your spouse those words that make all the difference, “I am praying for you.”

“If you’re the spouse waiting at home, please don’t let the presence of another person discourage your waiting for your prodigal. There’s good news for you inspite of the hurt. First, other person’s fear the prayers of a spouse standing and praying for the marriage. Second, our Lord has a miraculous way of removing the other person in His time, which is always at the right time.”

“The Bible tells us that God will not be mocked. There is a price to pay for sin, and there is a reward for doing His will.”

“There’s no long-term future with a prodigal when a spouse is praying and standing for the marriage.”

“The wise prodigal is the one that recognizes that God has a special claim on his life and his marriage. He observes the unconditional love of a spouse standing for their marriage and realizes the spouse is demonstrating love that goes beyond human reasoning.”

“Unconditional love combined with prayer goes far toward setting the stage for return of the prodigal.”

Standers have heard frequently, “…that standing and praying for [their] marriage was an easy way out. An escape from having to deal with the trauma of divorce. Nothing could be further from the truth. Making a commitment to stand for a marriage is declaring spiritual warfare against satan.”

“The worthy individual is the one who takes a stand for what is known to be right in the sight of God.”

“The individual who can’t understand how a spouse can be waiting with unconditional love for a prodigal seems to be saying they can’t understand the love that our God had for them before they came to Christ.”

“God’s principle: One man for one woman for one’s lifetime.” Standers “have chosen not to live the sinful lifestyle that society seems to encourage following divorce. Their decision is to remain alone with God, praying and standing for their one-flesh mate to make his peace with God and then return home to the family.”

“Standing for a marriage teaches our children that no problem is too big for our God.” As for former prodigal, Bob Steinkamp says: “I can, however, testify that the spiritual life of a prodigal begins to be affected, although perhaps unnoticed by others, as soon as the spouse declares her purpose for the marriage and becomes serious about the Christian life.”

“Only when the standing spouse declares a complete abandoning of human plans and schemes to bring the prodigal home, is God’s power able to be effective. Why keep trying when you can be trusting?”

“I can testify today that prodigals come to appreciate and then to embrace their spouses who stand for their marriages. They begin to love them anew.”

“The spouse who acknowledges a continuation of that marriage is being obedient to God and His Word.”

“You are not denying what has taken place [divorce]. You are declaring a covenant marriage.”

“The preparation continues. Please, don’t give up, even for a moment, standing for your marriage. There is coming a day when you will see your prodigal coming back from the far country. Not until eternity will you understand how far-reaching were the effects of your having taken a stand for God’s solution to divorce.”

Excerpts from “Prodigals Do Come Home”, by Bob Steinkamp Rejoice Marriage Ministries

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