Prisoners of Spiritual Warfare…

From Rejoice Marriage Ministries devotional

by Bob and Charlyne Steinkamp

[with my comments in brackets]

I know that your circumstances may seem hopeless today, but never forget the awesome mighty God you serve.  Never forget the Lord who wants to guide and direct your every step.  He will speak to you throughout the day and night if you will only praise and worship Him, then listen to His soft voice.  Your Lord did not touch you and change your heart, giving you promises of restoration, to never have your marriage restored!

[I’ve thought of that too.  Why would God reveal His Word and His Will to me, only to never bring my mate back home again?  That wouldn’t make sense, that would not be in character for who God is.  God doesn’t play games with us, this is serious business this whole Life, Marriage, Covenant and Standing thing.  What He says, He means.]

Yes, you are in a spiritual battle.  Yes, you must fight as if it means life or death for your spouse, because it does.  What you decide to do, praying or not praying, for your prodigal spouse may mean whether they will be in Heaven or in Hell for eternity.  Never forget the example that you are setting for your children, your friends and loved ones about the importance of the marriage covenant, your wedding vows and the impact this will have in stopping divorce for future generations.

[A prodigal spouse has been likened unto a prisoner of war (POW)…..only this is spiritual warfare.  A battle is raging for the heart and soul of your mate who, because of sin and deception, has become a prisoner of spiritual war (POSW).  If he were fighting in a real war somewhere on this globe, and taken captive, would you go ahead and date?  Would you divorce him?  Or would you stand your ground and pray for his safety and release?  Would you pray him home?  I thought so.]

My Lord was touching my husband’s heart one day at a time.  God is also speaking to your spouse even if he is being rebellious and disobedient.  But as your read throughout the Bible, God moves suddenly and then does a miracle.  Marriage restoration is worth praying, travailing and fighting for, as well as doing God’s will.  The Lord is no respecter of persons.  What He did for Bob and me, He will do for you in His perfect timing.  Stand firm waiting for your miracle!

Will you join God’s army to fight against divorce forever?  We can make a difference if we will continue to proclaim that our awesome, mighty, holy God can heal and resurrect dead marriages.  Yes, even yours!

There are no obstacles to restoration that prodigals set in place that have our mighty God wringing His hands.  Once God moves, in response to your serious stand and prayers, and at His time, things start to happen.

Yes, prodigals do come home (and we stay home.)  The Holy Spirit leads us home to serious standers who are doing things God’s way.


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