I had to cancel my sponsorship of the children through Compassion Internaltional.  That’s where my tithe went.  I loved those kids.  But, since Terry asked a reduction in alimony, conveniently called ‘spousal maintenance’, and the court ruled a reduction by 75%, I can no longer afford ‘my’ kids.  Please pray for the Lord to provide another sponsor for them as quickly as possible.  Pray also for Terry please, for conviction of all he’s done to his wife and family.  I’m just here, trying to make ends meet, and live on my own, with no one else near me, minding my own business, and he goes and does this.  You know, the longer he’s gone, the meaner he gets, which I don’t understand.  He has two incomes (his and his wifes)…..they’re purchasing their own home, he has a nearly new car, and 6 computers, pleads ‘financial hardship’ to the court so he doesn’t have to show his face to me, continues to hide, will not even communicate with me on anything, but goes whining to the court, instead of just talking with me.  I don’t understand, nor do I need to.  God knows all these things.  He knows the bank balance and why this happened. 

Today was payday, and no more money comes in for a month, since the second payday of the month goes to rent.  I’m left with darn little for food and gas….but it’s enough.  Can’t diet, that’s for sure, not enough money to diet.  But God knows my needs.  He will provide, He always has. 

I went to a rear, vacant office here at work, and prayed.  Thanking the Lord for everything and all He’s provided, and praying for Terry too.  This is not right.  God is a God of justice, when will justice prevail?  I will go home tonight, to my nice, little apartment and my two little cats, and dinner, and prayer time and time with Jesus.  And that folks, is what it’s all about.  Jesus and me. 

Thank you, Lord.

Yes Lord.


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