And Barbi Buttercup Replies…

Oh crap. 
I’m stubborn.  I KNEW something was amiss.
Some things are hard to understand, yet…..they do not need to be understood.  But THAT statement, I’m also apparently deep, very deep. 

As sent to Pastor Randy:

I ALWAYS appreciate your input.  You have a way of getting to the truth without making me feel like a dork.  So, it’s all good.  It would really help if I could just be angry with him and cut him loose.  But, we’re not supposed
to be angry.  Now….righteously indignant, maybe I could get away with some of that!?!?  ; )
A few months ago….I’d met (online) a wonderful man.  A former Gunnery Sgt in the Marines.  “My Gunny” was 61 yrs old, a vibrant man….whose love for the Lord shone through his life and his smile.  A sense of humor, and a man of honor and integrity.  He lived in TX and was coming out here to meet me for dinner on June 24th….and then coming back July 18th for a longer visit.  He called me “His Lil Darlin’.  He had his health issues due to ‘Nam and Agent Orange, but nothing he couldn’t live with. 
The day after Easter, My Gunny went home to be with the Lord.  We never even got to meet in person.  I kept all his letters, and still shed a tear at the loss of this new friend. 
This is a question you can’t answer: Why’d God take My Gunny home, and leave someone ‘old and dead, unfeeling and heartless’ like Terry on this earth?  I recently saw a pic of Terry, he looks awful.  Not happy, and very obese now.  I’ve never seen him so heavy.  I was startled.  In short, he looks terrible. 
I miss “My Gunny”.  No answers there.  But, we’ll have our dinner together in Heaven one day.  Perhaps God was showing me that there ARE indeed some decent, good, honorable men of God on this planet (present company accepted there, so don’t take offense, Bro.) 
I think I’m hanging onto Terry out of sentimentality, so yes, that’s no bueno and it sucks.  I’m glad I realized it, though it took a heckuva long time.  But it’s hard to just ‘right off’ 30+ years together, at least it is for some of us.
In one of my Bibles, in the ‘teaching’ notes, it explained in one verse in Ezekiel or Jeremiah….heck if I know….it’s in there somewhere (confirmed Jeremiah 14:11), that explains that these “people” were so wicked and so stubborn that God knew they would never come back to Him, so He cut’em loose.  I’m beginning to believe that Terry may fall into that category.  Sad.  But, he is one albatross I don’t need around my neck.  Hmmm, if I cut Terry loose, I’ll lose a good 270 lb load!  : )
Ooooh, walk around with the ol spring in my step again! 
But to be so lost that God knows one will never return to Him, so He ‘puts one on the shelf’, as Pastor Charles Stanley preaches.  Very sad, indeed. 

Thanks Bro.
Love ya muchly!
Yo Sistah Barbi B…………………is there an Rx to cure Stubborn?  ; )

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