And Bro Randy Answered Back…

Is this man wonderful, or what?  He has a way of advising you without making you feel like some kind of dork, or something.  Besides, he JUST MAY have something here.

Read on, from Pastor Bro Randy…

Barb…like I have shared with you before, my “stubborn” sister (said with all the love in the world), I firmly believe that you are holding on to something God is BEGGING you to LET GO of!  

Terry divorced you and freed you and he is married now to his wife. You are not his wife any more.  I know that hurts but it’s the TRUTH.  LET HIM GO and watch God show up in UNIMAGINABLE ways in your life relationally.  God so desperately wants to bless you with the CURRENT desires of your heart, but He cannot because you won’t surrender this part of your heart that you keep reserving for Terry.  Love ya!

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