Barbi’s Big Adventure

The Adventures of Monday

Yesterday was “Court” Day………..again.  Makes a total of 8 times I’ve had to toddle on down to Florence, AZ (about 105 miles, round-trip) and though the court is very nice (nearly brand new), on the leading edge of town and right next to an older facility (have no idea what it is but has lots of tiny windows and is surrounded with miles and miles of barbed-wire fencing, and a couple of towers……must be a cookie manufacturing plant.  Yes, Ha. Ha.   Anyway……it’s a hassle to have to ‘go to court’.  Though Judge Stephen McCarville is quite good looking, making ‘going to court’ not an entirely bad experience. 

BUT, I digress…..

Long story short………glory to God!  Everything turned out just fine!

The Saga of the Rental Car…

Back in late August, when Ginny (sister) came to visit.  I rented a car from Enterprise.  I’ve rented from Enterprise since 2002.  Anyway, it was a terrible experience.  I got there to pick up the car and they didn’t have one.  And they knew about this rental for about two months!  So I had to wait for the car to show up, and then I took it to add gas and the oil light was on, so I took it back and would’ve had to wait for another car, but got them to take me home and they brought the replacement rental to me and all worked out fine, but it was an unnecessary hassle, but argh. 

After a week, and I returned the car, the manager asked how my experience with them had been, so I told him I was a bit disappointed and explained the story.  He asked, “What can we do to make it better?”  I said, “Give me a free days rental, I may be needing it”.  He said, ok and handed me his own ‘coupon”.  I thought that was nice.

As it turns out, I had to return to court on Oct. 24th, though I’d been praying that the Lord would intervene and have the court date canceled.  He didn’t. 

Now, Enterprise is only open 8-noon on Saturday and closed on Sunday, so if the court time was 9:00 a.m., like it was the last time, I have to rent the car for 3-days.  Pick-up on Saturday, have it Sunday, use it Monday and return on Tuesday.  But, I figured at least one of those days would be a freebie, and maybe I could score the Weekend Special too. 

As it turns out court was scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon, meaning I could pick-up the car Monday morning, so no……..’3-Day Rental’ was needed and the one day that I did have it, on Monday, was FREE.

Hence, in the Bible where it says that ‘all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  What was a hassle at the end of August, turned out for my good at the end of October!   Praise be to God!

I left the office at 12:45 p.m.  The court appointment was scheduled for 2:30.  I had rented a CUTE little silver Hyundai Accent and with K-LOVE blasting, she and I ‘got our motor running’……’headed for the highway’…..and setting cruise control on, which for this car, was placing my foot in one position and keeping it there……we drove.  In the mid 80’s, the weather was partly cloudy and lovely, windows down, hair blowing.  Flipping between K-LOVE and KBAQ (my classical station.)  Praying too.  A lovely day, wide open freeways…..until…….Apache Junction, where the road narrows to 4 lanes, divided, and my side of the ‘divided’ was under construction……re-paving work.  And what traffic there was (a whole lot more when 10 lanes of open freeway, becomes 2 lanes)….anyway, we all slowed to a Southern Californian Commuter Speed of somewhere between “Repaint Your Nails….2 mph” and “Read the Newspaper….5 mph”.  I followed, at close range, a small SUV with Saskatchewan license plates for 12…..long…long….long…..lonnnng miles.  The clock ticking away.  Eventually, I refused to look at the time….and just sat back enjoying the ‘view’ of ‘desert’… it rolled past in agonizingly slow motion.  If I had a nickel for every empty booze bottle I saw…..well, that’s another ‘digress’ that I don’t want to get into.  Suffice it to say, that the urge is strong to carefully place every hurriedly tossed bottle into a plastic bag, then dust it for prints, run it through some police computer and then go find the perps who were ‘drinking and driving’ and then trying to destroy evidence by tossing it out the car window, and pin their fanny’s to the wall with an arrest warrant!  But….that’s another story.  

Anyway, the thing about this is that I didn’t sweat it.  The clock is ticking, I’m slowed to a crawl and still have a ways to go yet, and ‘what’ll happen if I’m late’!  Etc.  I sat back and enjoyed the trip.  Resting in the love of my Father and the peace of the Holy Spirit.  It was amazing, and it was all God.  Hey folks, I’m a natural redhead, being calm is not my forte.  But, I didn’t get upset, I didn’t freak, I didn’t anything…..but steer, roll forward and gaze at the arid, ugly landscape.  God must’ve been ticked off when He created Arizona, that’s all I can say.  Anyway…..none of this was a surprise to Him.  He knew about the traffic and road construction all along.  It was a surprise to me, but not to Him, and nothing was out of His control.  He knew where I had to be and He knew the clock was ticking and I just did my part and left the consequences up to Him.  God….is….amazing. 

Eventually, the traffic broke loose and went tearing off and back up to speed in about a minute-five and we’re breezing along again.  Took the turn-off for Hwy 79….also known as “The Highway So Far Out That Even Coyotes Get Lost Out There”, and headed toward Florence.  2-lane road all the way, not much traffic, I’m up to 75, but edge back down to 70 (speed limit is 65.) 

“Watch For Animals”.   I’m pretty sure the sign meant the 4-legged kind and not what’s behind the steering wheels of the cars approaching me, and the one’s passing me as if I’m standing still.  I can’t speed, it’s an unstated law of nature with me.  I speed and a cop pops up out of the pavement and nails me.  I can’t speed.  It’s an 11th Commandment, just……for…  Thou Shalt Not.  Ok.

Got to court.  Parked.  Ran in.  Checked the ‘Arrivals/Departures’ monitors…..didn’t see it, and was running too slow to wait.  Judge McCarville usually hangs out on the 3rd floor, I’ll chance it, and I hit the button for the elevator……………..after first getting through Security and setting off the alarm, again.  Belt Buckle, them big western ones…..always does it.  Exiting the elevator, I head right, check the listing for Court room 3B, not there, went on down to 3C….pulled open the door, no one in there but Judge McCarville and associates and talking on the phone with the former Mr. Butterfield………….the time is 2:35.   Thank you, Jesus!

The whole reason for this court date was that after the court (the last time) reduced alimony by 75%……….still trying to figure that one out, but whatever………..God IS in control and He knows what He’s doing.)  Terry over-paid in July, and wanted the over-payment refunded.  He said he wanted “redress”.  I thought to myself perhaps he’d do better in this life if he stopped wearing dresses and actually put on a pair of pants…..but ….. yes, you’re right………..I digress.  So, this was to get $244 dollars refunded, even though he claimed he’d paid $277 over, but I had my bank statement proving otherwise.  So, that was the situation.

Anyway, with my approval….they already had all the particulars worked out by the time I ran into the courtroom, panting.  I had to fight the urge to fling wide both doors and stand there and yell……….STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dramatics are best left to Hollywood.  Though it might’ve been fun, what do I need with a police record, right?

So, as it turns out……they’re ‘rolling over’ the overpayment and applying it to the final payment in seven-and-a-half years.  So the last payment he’ll only owe $18 bucks.  Though the actual price for what he’s done against God and his family will be far, far more than any amount of money he can pay.  But, I digress. 

I was literally in the court room for no more than 3 minutes and I was back in the elevator with two people who’d just come out of their courtroom and looked…I don’t know….just….looked, and I kept my distance from and listened to their every word, just in case.  She seemed nice enough, but him…..not so sure about him.  Kinda wondered what he was in court for though.  Better not to know, in some cases.  At least, he didn’t seem headed back to the ‘cookie factory’ across the parking lot! 

So, I got back into my Little Silver Accent…………..and drove home, rejoicing and praising the Lord.  I didn’t have to pay the former Mr. Butterfield back, and the car rental came to $20, including gas.

And yes, Brother Paul……………I’m counting it all joy!!!!!! 

It was a hassle, and stupid and un-necessary, but the Lord got me through it.  It was Him, not me.  Because I was pretty down Sunday evening.  Why, God, Why.  When, God, When.  I was grumpy.  And He said, “Just trust Me”, and then proved just how trustworthy He is.   Glory to God!!!

And one of the lines…of one of the songs we sang in church on Sunday, the day before Court Day, was: “…Do not worry about tomorrow…”   How appropriate. 

And that was: Barbi’s Big Adventure.  ; )   Oh, and one more thing:

One other thing……as I sat there in traffic.  Stop and go, roll and stop.

Of the few roads out there, I thought maybe I could just turn off and take another road.  I didn’t have a map though, and way out there, I could end up almost anywhere but where I was supposed to go.

So, I decided to just tough it out, weather the storm and stay my course.

Is anyone ‘getting’ this analogy? 

God has us on the road He has for us.  If things aren’t moving along fast enough or as we’d like it, we can choose to take a detour.  Or we can choose to remain steadfast, stay on the right road, which trust me, is indeed, narrow.  And wait for the Lord to work things out.  Eventually, if we stay true to Him,

He’ll bless your life.  Wait on the Lord and soon you’ll be traveling again, at high rates of speed on newly paved road.  The road He put you on to begin with is the best road for you to be on!

Taking detours (choosing sin) you can get lost, and it can be hard to find your way back. 

Some never do.  It’s better to………….

Just trust Him.  He’s the ultimate GPS for your life.   

And to all of my friends who lifted me up before the Lord in prayer about this…………Thank You!       Give the glory to God! 

P.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   P.S.

And so I need to add more here, but I’ve come to the decision that God’s not intending to return the former Mr. Butterfield.  I’ve been shown that praying for ‘some’ things, if He were to answer as requested would be harmful for me, or even destroying.


God is a really good ‘Papa’ and He desires to give us all the good things He has for us.  He knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us, not harm us.  Plans to give us hope and a future.  (Text compliments of the Book of Jeremiah!) 


So, He is not going to give me something that would hurt me, and would not bring glory to His Name.  Instead He will provide something else, someone else….that HE knows will be jusssst perfect for me, and I for him….and all to the Glory of God!


It’s been a lengthy process, a long and narrow road.  But our Heavenly Father knows best and I trust Him with my life.  It is, after all………….His.






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