A Rose on Wings

So there I was this past weekend, praying…..reading the Word….

hangin’ out with Jesus.  Speaking His word, praying, talkin’ with

the Savior…..singing along with Anthony Evans…..for the Lord.  It was

wonderful.  There was one song about ‘we will mount up on wings as eagles..”

love it.  After my prayer, I continued to sit there….just basking in His love…

and how cool it is to spend time with Him, and I was editing “Journeys…”

too…..and well, I noticed the design the setting sun was casting

on the wall.  Dang if it didn’t look like a rose opened up (not a bud)….

and dang if there wasn’t wings, like a Dove in flight, above it (but attached.)

I thought, ‘A rose?  With wings?’  Then altered it to ‘arose on wings’….as eagles.

And it stayed there, and I actually was able to snap a pic of it with my cell. 

Thank you Lord….that was Saturday.

Sunday…..same prayer, reading, spending time with the Lord, singing, editing….

praying His word over my loved ones…..and about the same time the rose and wings

showed again….though not as distinct.  However….this time there was also a waving banner, leaning forward into battle.  Picture a flag, on a flagpole, waving in a strong wind….and the pole is leaning into the wind….charging into battle.  It’s almost like God is painting a picture for me on the wall.

“Onward Christian Soldiers!”  Reminded me that this is not my battle to fight, but is the Lords who goes into battle for me.  Amen!

Wonder what todays picture will look like?  God is amazing in love, grace and power!

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