Coincidence? Or Communication?

Just sharing with you another God Moment in my life:

Last Saturday, I was ‘down’, bummed…..despairing and crying out to God.  I hadn’t been that way in quite a while, but Christmas-time will do that to ya.  I had prayed for Terry….again.  His healing and homecoming.  BUT, with a twist.  Gods glory in his healing was preeminent.  I need never see Terry again, but I lifted him up before the Lord for his spiritual and emotional healing.  And of course, I wept.  I cannot plead for…..I cannot stand in the gap for….my husband without shedding tears.  And I cried out to God:

I need You!  Where are You?  Hold me!  I need You!  Why are You silent?

Weeping, crying out to God….weary….I went to bed that night, waiting for God to let me know He’s here and it’s all going to work out, for His glory and my good.

Sunday morning dawns and I had heard nothing from God.  Oh well….I groaned….whatever, and I got ready and headed over to my friends house to take care of her cats while she’s out of town. I got there, fed and watered the cats, and then went to grab a plastic trash bag (grocery sack)….to go clean out the cats litter box.  Having been balled up into a small wad, I grabbed the handles and shook the bag open.  I glanced inside, which I always do….making sure there’s no bugs, aka scorpions, in the bag.  There were no bugs in this bag, but there was a picture, torn to pieces.  I thought, “Ha….someone got angry.”  and I chuckled….having ‘been there, done that’ in the recent past as well.  But then something…or Someone, compelled me to look at the pieces of the picture and I took one small piece and brought it out of the bag. 

It was a portion of …. Terry.

Shocked, I threw the bag onto the counter and stepped back away from it… if it was something on fire.  “Oh come on, God!”  I shouted.  “What’re you doing here?!”  And I started to cry….because just the night before….I had given Terry to God and left him there.  Determined to walk on with the Lord….in His way….and without my husband.  Figuring this is what God had in mind all along.

Slowly, I took the bag back and took all the pieces of the torn picture out and put them together.  It was a photo of Terry that I had torn up, in anger/frustration……many, many months ago.  I was still shocked, and tears ran down my cheeks.  How could this be?  I tore up that picture in my living room at home and threw the pieces away!  And now….here I find most of them, not all, but most, enough to put the picture back together enough to clearly identify the person in the photo and the location. and it was my husband. 

I took the pieces and put them into my pocket and then went to clean the cats litter box and then locked up and went home…..where I managed to tape the pieces back together as best I could. 

God showed up….in a very real….very supernatural way.  How pieces of that photo….torn and tossed into the trash got into that bag at my friends house for me to find months later, amongst many other plastic trash bags is beyond me.

Or is it?  God heard.  God answered.  I’m no longer bound by the covenant of marriage, or am I?  After all, I didn’t break it.  But whether or not I’m bound by covenant, there is one thing I AM bound by….and that’s the Word of God.  As a child of the King, I am called to be like Him, and if that’s so, and it is….then I am in the process of becoming like Him:  Unfailing love, faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness, mercy.  I feel those things toward my husband because of Christ.  For He has all those things for us, as His creation as well.  Even though the world says I should ‘kick Terry to the curb’…..even hate him.  I cannot.  Because of Jesus.  Look what He did for us, when we did nothing to deserve His love and mercy.

I spoke humbly to the Father: “Unfailing love, faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness, mercy…Lord, you have given me these thing to gift to my husband…but Jesus….he doesn’t deserve it.” Indeed….did any of us?

The saved picture is taped and kept….and prayed over.  Nothing can thwart the plan of God.  Look to the Supernatural of God, not the natural of this world. 

Another moment happened about 2 wks ago….I had prayed the night before: “Is my standing Lord for the healing of my marriage YOUR idea, or merely mine?  I need to know so I can do Your will.”

The next morning, I had errands to run….and I had my route pre-planned, but then remembered that Chandler downtown was having their Christmas parade and I didn’t want to get into that mess, so planned a different route, still heading east I would hit the bank, WMT, then go east on Pecos and then up and over to the Post Office.  However, when I turned out of the parking lot at home, I went west.  I have no idea why.  I just went west and went to the other Post Office first, and then back over to the bank, WMT, etc. 

On this route I pulled in behind a white Dodge Grand Caravan (Terry has one.)

On this route I then pulled in behind a Dodge Sebring car, with a Florida license plate (Sebring, FL is where Terry lives)

On this route I then pulled in behind a CenturyLink van (Terrys employer) 

I didn’t plan this….I didn’t see the cars and pull in behind, purposefully.  It just happened.  Gods timing on a route I had never intended to take.  I didn’t even realize that this could be the answer to my prayer of the night before until I was about to turn into the parking lot at home and suddenly it dawned on me…..what the heck?  If it had been just one car….no big deal.  But three?  With distinct relation to Terry?  I just thought that was kinda weird….or should I say….Supernaturally God.

Barbi…………….From article: In John Ortberg’s book “The Life You Always Wanted”, he posed a similar question that resonated with me: Why are people ok about praying TO God for everything…but seem skeptical and call people crazy when they suggest that He talked back?…as if God only hears and never speaks! Or in our case…why are they surprised when He responds through another person or event in our life?

I’m here to tell you that God does speak to us, and I firmly believe that there are no coincidences. We don’t always recognize them at the time, but hindsight has a way of revealing them to us. I believe God CAN speak to us audibly (although it’s arguably more rare…and apparently not His preferred communication style). More often than not He speaks to us through other people, animals, events (coincidences), His Bible, a sunrise, the look  on the face of a small child, an innocent and unknowing question that strikes deep into our heart to address an issue we were struggling with, etc… (Yes Lord, amen!)



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